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Founded in 2000 by Mark Beer, XtraTec provide a variety of laboratory and on-site, in-situ testing and investigation services for civil engineering and construction projects throughout the UK.  
Since gaining 4727 UKAS Accreditation in 2011, XtraTec have expanded its laboratory and in-situ testing capabilities and have worked with on major construction projects over the last 20 years. Clients include the Environment Agency, Highways England, and the National Grid.

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In 2022, XtraTec became part of the Phenna Group of Companies and are proud to become part of a wider community of leading companies within the TICC sector.

XtraTec Mission Statement

XtraTec offers specialist materials testing and structural investigation for the construction and civil engineering industries.

The aim is to continue to develop the latest techniques to 4 727UKAS accredited standards within laboratory and in-situ testing services and being able to explore bespoke testing methods for clients and projects when required. (Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 4727 schedule of accreditation).

XtraTec’s mission is to provide outstanding customer service with trusted, high-quality testing, reporting, and industry-leading solutions tailored to meet client’s specific requirements.

XtraTec Values

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Customer Focused

XtraTec’s customer focused approach builds strong relationships and continued satisfaction with clients.

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XtraTec’s respected laboratory and field technicians strive to deliver a professional standard of materials testing to all clients.

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XtraTec strive to remain a trusted and respected materials testing company by being fully open and reliable throughout the whole project.

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XtraTec, understand it requires teamwork to deliver high-quality tests and reports on time, every time. .

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XtraTec can offer a wide variety of testing services to 4727 UKAS testing certification as well non accredited testing in XtraTec laboratories for civil engineering and construction projects. (Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 4727 schedule of accreditation).

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